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The Pavement Project is a full-service pavement maintenance company that handles all aspects of your parking lot or driveway maintenance. We are a social enterprise that funds nonprofit work in Northwest Arkansas through the non-profit,

Our Healthy Communities, Inc. 

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The Pavement Project thrives on relationships. Trust and hard work set the precedence for training, mentoring, and growing its workers.  The Pavement Project sets the bar on quality and leadership in our community and with our customers. We strive to make your experience with our company as stress-free as possible.


Our projects are correct the first time, and our quality of work is second to none.  The saying “You get what you pay for” is never more accurate than in the asphalt industry. It is essential to hire a local contractor with a proven track record. We enter all of our projects with vast levels of experience and proven excellence. 


Our clients know that no one could do a better job than we have done with their pavement needs. We discipline our crew to understand the importance of creating excellent results. Our team knows they are "Paving the Way for People's Futures."


Our Mission

Paving the Way for People's Futures.

100% of our profits help meet the economic demand of Our Healthy Communities, Inc.  Our Healthy Communities, Inc. assists individuals who need food, utility assistance, financial education, socialization, or workplace re-entry.

One of the works we support is Meals on Wheels Northwest Arkansas, which prepares and delivers over 300,000 meals in our community! These prepared meals go to many adults who cannot cook and prepare meals themselves. Thankfully, The Pavement Project provides top-quality asphalt maintenance to businesses in our area. The profit we receive helps ensure that the people who depend on Meals on Wheels Northwest receive a hot meal - every day.


The Pavement Project also works with the Arkansas Department of Corrections to hire returning citizens following their incarceration. We vet our employees through the Benton County Probation Department. Motivated individuals - who have served their time and paid their debt to society - are placed on our crew to learn a trade that they will be able to use for the rest of their life. Through this training, they can compete for a job, attain stable housing, support their children and families, and contribute to their communities. We are proud to create these opportunities which reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and save tax dollars.  

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