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We enter all of our projects with vast levels of experience and proven excellence

Mike Anderson

Great experience with The Pavement Project! We collaborated on a project and they were super responsive, professional, and had the best interest of our client at heart. Will totally use them again on future projects!

Paving Is What We Do

The Pavement Project Is Leading Quality Projects

Who We Are

About Our Company

The Pavement Project is a unique local, full-service pavement maintenance company that invests 100% of our profits back into Northwest Arkansas through non-profit work at Our Healthy Communities, Inc.

With our broad level of experience in the Pavement Maintenance industry, we provide customers with the best service and materials. When you hire The Pavement Project to complete your project, you are feeding, educating, and equipping individuals in your community.

Our Services

We Offer a Range Of Services to Meet Your Needs


Your parking lot is one of your company's first impressions; The Pavement Project helps make it great! We will assist you through the entire process, from assessing the condition of your asphalt to creating a phasing plan that fits your or your tenant's schedules.  


We can even set your property up on a maintenance plan that will save you from having to make costly repairs in the future!


Heavy machinery and semi-traffic can take a toll on the pavement, costing thousands of dollars if it isn’t properly maintained! 


The Pavement Project will engineer an application of our services to withstand the increased abuse of the size of vehicles in use or the number of vehicles and machines used at each facility. We will provide solutions such as the thickness of asphalt, an extra coat of material in the drive lanes, a squeegee coat on the entire lot, or both, if needed to ensure your investment is protected.  


The crew at The Pavement Project pays attention to detail! If we are seal coating, paving, or crack filling your driveway, we know the highest quality job starts with excellent prep work to have a beautiful, finished product. 


We have forced air blowers, wire brooms, and wire wheel edgers to help remove all debris and vegetation from the cracks and surface; this will help to ensure proper adhesion of the asphalt sealer to your driveway. We will happily assist you in every aspect of maintaining your driveway, from scheduling, sending a reminder to turn off the sprinkler system, making sure the family pets are in a fenced-in area and blocking off the driveway when we are finished. 


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Your business can be next. Let us transform your parking lot!

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